3 Guidelines to Consider the Farmhouse Rug Size and Arrangement

Have you recognized that a rug provides the foundation of your room, keeping your foot comfortable and protect your floors? Choosing the right size of Farmhouse rug is typically similar to other type of rug. Though there are no exact rules when it comes to choosing the right size in each room, here are some guidelines to help you finding out the most suitable ones:

1. Living Room

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In this space, there are three different sizes to apply:

  • 9×12 rug. If you have this size, bring all furniture legs on the rug and as well as all of the elements in your room together. To create a natural border, leave about 18 inches of flooring exposed around your rug.
  • 8×10 rug. You can create a natural arrangement using this mid-size rug by placing all furniture front legs on the rug, while the back legs are off. This arrangement provides such natural conversation grouping and a path for walking around the area. If your home is an open concept, this one is suitable for your space.
  • 6×9 rug. This small size rug allows you to showcasing your furniture and flooring. Have the sofa legs off the rug while the front chair legs are on. This Farmhouse rug arrangement provides a comfortable distance for conversation. Another tip is choose a bit longer rug than your sofa.

2. Dining Room

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This area is possible getting spots in here and there. So, please take the proper arrangement to minimize the chance getting stained.

  • 9×12 rug. If you have a generously sized table, choose this one. Leave about 24” of room on all sides so the chairs are completely on the rug while being pushed away from the table.
  • 8×10 rug. Leave about 8” border between the rug and the wall so you get your dining area being beautifully framed.
  • 6×9 rug. By having this smaller rug, place the back legs of the chairs sit on the floor. Define the space by leaving at least 18” between the rug and the wall.

3. In This Area, We Need To Have a Serene Vibe to Have a Rest

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And here are the arrangements:

  • 9×12 rug. By having this large rug, you have generous walking space at the sides and bottom of the bed. Place the nightstand legs on the rug and leave about 18” between the bedroom wall and the edges of the rug.
  • 8×10 rug. Though this one is not as large as the previous but it provides enough space to step out of your bed. This Farmhouse rug can be replaced by a sheepskin rug or custom runner placed along both sides of the bed.

6×9 rug. Place it to line up with the bottom two-thirds of the bed and the nightstand is kept completely off the rug.



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