4 Tips to Start the Flower Bed Designs for Backyard and Front Yard in Summer Time

What are most people waiting during the summer time? The outdoor activities! During that summer, it is a great time to grow some flower bed designs to dress up your house.

This project needs a design before making it into life. So, check the following tips to start this gardening project:

1. Perennial Flower Bed

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Warm weather is suitable for flower beds. So, each tears and sweat deserves the beautiful results, and sure you will see it this summer. Perennial plants last a long time and they can be a beautiful yet elegant backdrop for whatever the plants you grow in the front of it. The reason to choose perennial flower bed is they tend to live easier and relatively anywhere. So, this plant is a perfect start for a beginner. You won’t get it wrong.

2. Tree Base Flower Bed Designs With Rocks

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If your backyard has some trees or just a couple in random places, you can create a creative flower bed. There are several choices of the liners, like with bricks, rocks or small flower plants. So, find your trees and grow your flower bed designs under at the edge of your yard, or at the entrance of your front yard. You will see colorful natural rugs in front/ back of your house.

3. Side Yard Flower Bed

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We can say that this is the most common arrangement. We never see them in a boring term. If you have long narrow areas, create one flower bed. Whether your area is small or huge, this arrangement is way possible and easy to do. Start this project by growing a flower bed in a certain area and designing it with layers. And for aesthetic touch, add a wheelbarrow or clay pots.

4. Raised Block Flower Bed

Source: craftyclub.co

This one is very versatile for you can create in any shape you want, while the space is permitting. The best area to create this idea is a lot of open space in the middle of your backyard/ front yard. As this idea works on a larger area, it requires more preparation and building than previous flower bed designs. But the arrangement is according to your liking; just lay out the blocks in your desired arrangement and see what magic you have done!

Before summer is coming, you can start thinking and designing the one you will build. Grab some papers and pen right now. It is better to create a simple design than doing nothing, right?



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