4 Tricks to Choose Ideal Living Room Curtain Ideas for Small Scale Rooms

Windows give you a chance to create a larger visual effect. You can expand this area using the aimful living room curtain ideas, which is the one providing an illusion of larger window behind them. For a smaller room and window, the fabric should be a flowing one to get the intended backdrop.

Here are some considerations you can think of:

1. The Curtain Choices

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Your main purpose is to get a more spacious feeling. There are some types of curtains you can choose, they are a full-length pleated, tab-topped or rod-pocket curtains. Those types are possible to extend your small space. Furthermore, extra-wide curtains are also ideal to extend the visual dimension to your room.

2. The Fabric Choices

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The type of fabric you are using effects the illusion you will get. To blur the dividing lines in your living room, choose living room curtain ideas that blend to the color of your walls, area rugs and furnishings. You can consider some light colors that reflect the light, such as antique white, cream and pastel colors. Yet, for the fabric detail, choose the ones with small repeats and textural details (such as a woven geometric design).

3. The Style Choices

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Though you are having a small space, it does not mean you have to choice. Make a chance to pump up your curtains’ style, which is by adding some small dramatic touches, such as placing a small half-round accent chest, placing a pair of two armless chairs, etc. The style choice should be worked with furnishing and their arrangement. Thus, overhead lights are mistakes for a small room. Instead of getting them installed, place some lamps on your end tables or a tall floor lamp.

4. Designer Tips

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Living room curtain ideas with uncomplicated details are best fit, such as grommet-topped panels. Make sure you avoid any style or material that exposes the window shapes, such as translucent or sheer curtains. Instead, choose fluid fabrics with oversized proportions.

No excuse to get no style window treatments though you are currently living in a small space. As everyone deserves to have a comfortable place no matter how small the size is. A small home requires you to work less effort in cleaning the surrounding but need more attention to the decoration and furniture placement to create a larger look. Set your purposes and follow the rules. We are sure you get the real comfortable space to live in.



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