4 Wood Pallet Ideas: How to Create Creative Planters with a Few Tools

Wood pallet is one of the humble material to be chosen in the garden project. Some wood pallet ideas often give you the chances to do a project for free. The reason why wood pallets are redundant is almost every retail industry uses them to transport goods and they often end up clogging their landfill. Here is your chance to ask their permission to have any. Some of them may allow you to take them for free.

The following wood pallet ideas provide various creative planter ideas you can copy with a few tools and less effort. Are you dare trying one?

1. Garden Walkway Or Garden Path

Source: 33decor.com

This idea gives you more than just a way to move, it is about focal point itself. You may think that they are dismantle but they look stunning in the garden with other natural elements. The main purpose of creating a garden walkway is to keep you from the compacting wet soil; but as the wood pallet boards are thick, you better avoid creating them in a high-traffic area of the garden. Opposite from the original purpose, this pallet garden walkways is created to be a focal point built in the low-traffic area of your garden, which means no garden carts in here. Afterwards, put the area underneath the path with gravel and followed by placing the pallet boards. This installation helps water drain away from the path.

2. Garden Bench

Source: moolton.com

Take a rest after doing some gardening things is like heaven on earth. And you can create your own garden bench using recycled pallet boards. At first, you may think that the strength of pallet boards won’t have the potential holding our body, but with some knowledge and skills on a carpentry world, you can make it possible. This project aims for the ones mastering at least bench-making basics.

3. Garden Swing

Source: Pinterest.com

We are talking about the next level of wood pallet ideas. Having a garden swing is more than having a bench to seat but something to have a peace of mind surrounded by your greeneries. This project requires more than pallet boards. You need 2 x 4 lumber to reinforce your wood pallets. After everything is settling down, add a mattress on top of it with some outdoor fabric cushions.

4. Raised Garden Beds

Source: woodpalletcreations.com

This idea to avoid the ground-dwelling plants and build stronger and healthier root systems. Get the ideal height, which is 6 to 12 inches or higher.



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