5 Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas to Captivate Your Guests Attentions

What do you think complement your kitchen the most? Is that enough just installing the kitchen cabinets without any other touch? Realize it or not, kitchen wall decor brings significant impact to the entire kitchen. A truly finished kitchen won’t complete without paying attention to the details, such as the kitchen wall decor. Redecorate your blank walls is not that hard nor expensive.

There are various ideas that will captivate your guests’ attention while accompanying you at the kitchen:

1. Some Eye-catching Tiles

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You may think that in kitchen, tiles are just working as the floor or backsplash. Either way, you can also cover your kitchen wall with a beautiful mural or graphic pattern to get a vibrant look. And the most fun part of installing this piece of item is its easy to clean. If you have unlimited budget, go for a custom-made tile. But this is not a must. Do whatever you have in hand. Some affordable graphic tiles also deserve to get your attention.

2. A Chalkboard Paint

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Besides having them in style, you get them to keep your schedule and grocery list in sight. This is a DIY project so you can give some personal touches with your family members. To be noted that this chalkboard paint should not only chosen in black, you can match other color suits to the color scheme on your kitchen.

3. An Artistic Display

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Having an open shelf is more than having a storage system for essentials. Kitchen wall decor is including some artistic display and you can put them on your open shelves, such as interesting objects, souvenirs, colorful arts, and so many others. Try mixing and matching everything, like kitchen supplies, cookbooks and decorative objects. So, you get both practical and aesthetic arrangement.

4. Art Collections

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If you have a hobby or collection, why don’t you start showcasing them in some parts of your house, including the kitchen? Living room is not the only space where you can put them on display. Hanging some of your art collection as the kitchen wall decor with a selection salon-style or on a picture ledge will enhance the character of your kitchen. And remember to protect those using glasses in case of spatters, as we know kitchen is the busiest space at home.

5. Basket Hangings

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Baskets never fail to create a tasteful decor. Arrange them in various size and style in a cluster on the wall. There are plenty of baskets out there you can choose. Since there is no rules, so you can go for either bohemian or rustic. Go bold.



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