5 Modern Country Decorating Ideas for a Busy City Apartment

A country home brings its own charm, where the warmth and comfort collides as one. Whatever the country decorating ideas you choose, you have to make them get their undeniable ambiance, like they used to be. This home style can be applied in almost everywhere, including in a busy city apartment.

You are allowed to add some modern touch but never fade the basic elements of it. So, keep rolling:

1. The Color Style

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In a modern country home, close your eyes from those bold colors. Either way, choose a neutral backdrop with whites and creams as a color scheme. The entertaining thing to do is by adding some contrast accessories. And, pattern is very important for modern country decorating ideas. By it, you can mix up checks, stripes and spots with some floral pieces. The combinations you wouldn’t find in any other style, right? If you get it confusing, focus on the main colors first in the busier pieces. Repeat these colors in other simpler patterns.

2. Classic Country Style Kitchen

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One of the busiest space at home. Start this transformation with the cabinet doors, which ideally the colonial square or shaker style doors. You should not replace those two. Follow the style by placing a central table as an additional workspace and a place to gather around. Another characteristic of classic kitchen is the open shelving.

3. Timber Furniture And Flooring

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No country decorating ideas without timber. As this is a key part of it. As long as this element exists, it does not matter how you put them; whether doing a mix and match of old and new, or purchasing a new ones, etc. You an play anything in this style for the matching set is no place in here. Besides timber flooring, some scatter rugs also need to be added into your space to add a country touch and texture.

4. Country Home Decor

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The good-looking and well-placed country decorating ideas set your mood in an instant. Some bringing country style characteristics are an old shoe horn, a vintage enamel water jug as a vase, old glassware, odd piece of silverware, etc. If your city apartment is rather small, it is prefer to put one or two decorations on the open shelving. It aims to reduce any clutter.

5. Handmade Items

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Another treasure of this style always win everyone’s heart. Look for local makers. There are no strict rules so you are allowed combining items whatever you like.



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