5 Steps to Create a Magical Christmas Living Room with the Existing Furniture and Items at Home

Christmas living room reflects the festive flair. Though the world is struggling against this pandemic, but we have to keep out immune system strong, which is by creating so much laughter and happiness around. All of us are waiting the end of the year. The festivity, the holiday and discount parties cannot be avoided by anyone. Coming back to Christmas living room, we won’t run out the ideas and decorations, starting from dressing the Christmas tree to jazzing up your fireplace. Every corner needs to be retouched.

Are you ready accepting the following ideas for this year Christmas? Say yes aloud!

1. The Jewel Tones For A Warm Welcome

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The warm spiced tones and jewel colors are welcoming your guests while entering your living room. The warm colors of clove, nutmeg and cinnamon warm up your entire room, together with the fireplace. To reflect the colors, add hints of precious metals with vibrant colored furniture against a dark paint backdrop. Trust me. This arrangement is so magical.

2. A Simple Centerpiece

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Sometimes, it is not a big show that steals attention. Even a simple centerpiece attracts the eyes, such as placing a simple display on a coffee table set in the middle of the room. For example, a hurricane lantern with some twinkling lights, a small tree ornament, and so on. The key to get this idea to put a beautiful and thematic piece (reflecting the Christmas and its tales) on a fireplace mantel, coffee table, cabinet, etc.

3. Foraged Foliage

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This idea is a perfect one for those loving rustic style. Rustic Christmas living room is about giving some natural pieces inside your home without being too much. Focus to place on in the center of attention, which is the tree, fireplace or coffee table. For example; on a coffee table, place a bowl of homemade potpourri; hang bundles of cinnamon sticks above your fireplace; or add sprinkles of cloves around the Christmas tree.

4. A Dark Glow In A Dark Room

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Create a merry look by adding some glowing pieces, such as candles, champagne glasses, and the proper lighting. What do you seek during the Christmas night? A magical vibe? Add some warm white fairy lights to give your tree a soft yellow glow. Furthermore, you can go with some paper decorations, such as the one layered with glass baubles and silver dipped pine cones.

5. A Traditional Color Scheme For A Paneling Wall

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Christmas living room with a traditional touch can be got by mix-matching the collections of ornaments you have over the years.



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