6 Shelf Décor and Styling Tips Using Open Shelving in a Small Apartment

It is never enough to purchase a few beautiful small pieces. For sometimes we are just looking at their beautiful shapes and colors and intend to purchase, without thinking a little further where to put them. Shelf decor in an apartment is something important as a space is at premium level. We know that every inch matters.

One solution to put all collections is using open shelves with suitable shelf decor and arrangement. Though open shelving is a simple yet affordable, it can display your items in style. Just realize that it always takes time to do some styling but the look and pattern will give you such beautiful visual interest. And by the by, having an open shelving at home allows you changing the style by rotating your collections.

And here are some Shelf decor and styling tips to create a perfect room:

1. Display Your Collections Of Books And Magazines

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If you have a collection of books and magazines, why don’t you put them in display? Create a color story to boost your room’s color palette. Or if your collection is rather having similar colors, present two or three of your favorite covers and put them vertically in tight groups.

2. Add A Natural Touch By Using Greenery

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Build a little life using some plants; both add a texture and pop of color. Some recommended plants for open shelving are fresh cut blooms and edgy succulents. Besides having them visually appealing, they are smell lovely either.

3. Lean Some Arts And Photographs

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Break the rules by leaning your photographs on an open shelf. Do some mix and match to your favorite arts and photographs to own a home art show.

4. Create A Larger Visual Interest Through The Height

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Arrange your objects varying in height so they look larger. Whatever the type of arts or objects you display, this arrangement draws your eyes upward.

5. Bring Neutral Colors

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While you are confusing how to arrange a lot of colorful objects with Shelf decor idea, you can start by including some neutrals to tone their palette down. This arrangement keeps your open shelves in balance and do not look too overbearing. Some neutrals you can go for are including blacks, whites, metallic and beiges.

6. Display Various Sizes of Items

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This arrangement is to create a layered look. You can start with some large staple items, followed by smaller accessories, and balance the look by adding more intricate objects.



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