6 Tips to Choose the Right Farmhouse Living Room Décor and Lighting that Fits to Your Space

Farmhouse living room decor won’t complete without the lighting. The perfect combination between farmhouse furniture and lighting builds a strong engagement of feeling at home. The characteristic you should never skip is its natural simplicity.

You may find out that every lighting draws more attention than you think, for it sets the tone. But, the lighting is also able to overwhelm you. So, choose carefully. Try the following tips to look for and fit them into your farmhouse living room.

1. Determine Its Duty

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The Farmhouse living room decor should always support what it supposed to do, which is for entertaining. For each room has its own unique purpose, make sure you choose the lighting fits to that function. Choose the spots to be most visibility and find the type of lighting you need. Some of the most popular Farmhouse living room decor lighting area farmhouse pendant, farmhouse chandelier, farmhouse sconces and farmhouse vanity lighting.

2. Size Up Your Space

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Most of the farmhouse lighting fixtures have thick wood features and it makes this type of lighting looks too bulky for the headspace. Before choosing or installing one, you need to measure the distance between the ceiling and your coffee table, the length of the table, etc. The overall scale of your lighting should match to the existing furniture and decor.

3. Place The Right Positioning

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You can install the light bulbs up and down, but which one fits to the purpose you want?

4. Consider The Color Palette

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As we all get informed, Farmhouse living room decor is characterized by a neutral color palette, so you should notice some earthy tones, such as a range of browns, greens and grays. So, for the lighting fixtures, you can go for something in bronze, zinc and matte black. But if you like something in pop of color, go for farmhouse pendants that are available in soft blue or rustic red.

5. Find The Farmhouse Features

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Farmhouse style is originally built on function. So keep it this way. The living room should have the homey atmosphere, furniture to lay your back comfortably, and some entertainment features. So, find yours and bring it with style. Whether you want it to keep as functional as possible or make it more fashionable. And the most wanted Farmhouse living room decor and lighting are repurposed material, antique finishes, bell-shaped pendants, ring chandeliers and Edison bulbs.

6. Pull Everything Together

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Don’t create your farmhouse living room putting so much effort. Just create a warm and welcoming atmosphere right there, which is by following the consistent color palette and key features.



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