3 Guidelines to Grow Geranium in Some Window Box Ideas

Who does not love geranium? Its color and charm creates a classic touch to the front of your house or apartment building. And this time, we will give some tips and tricks towards handling the window box ideas with geranium. Though this represents a classic window box plant, you are allowed to grow one in a city apartment. This plant is blooming freely all season long with its bright red, white and salmon pink. If you intend to grow this one, place it in shade but do not let it too dark.

So, here are the guidelines you have been waiting for:

1. Cover The Drainage Holes With Stones

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This aims to prevent soil from falling out and allow water to drain. Later, fill your window box half full with water and potting mix. Fill to 1” of the top further with more potting mix.

2. Arrange Your Plants In The Window Box And Plant

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Remember to put geraniums in space for about 5” apart. This aims to allow some rooms to grow well. Stagger your plants so they look fuller, then tamp soil down firmly so you help each plant in place firmly. Afterwards, water them thoroughly.

3. Water Your Window Box Regularly

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Though good window box ideas won’t work without watering them regularly as soil in small containers dries out quickly and it affects your plants so much, especially in hot weather. Later, fertilize them once a week using a water-soluble fertilizer. This aims to promote flowering. Create a schedule to trim off their dead flowers and leaves.

Those window box ideas need some essentials below:

  • Window box. The ones with proper drainage holes in the bottom.
  • Stones or other small objects. This aims to cover drainage holes.
  • Sterile and lightweight potting mix.
  • Liquid fertilizer.
  • Geranium plants, and
  • Watering can.

To avoid any failure in this project, check out the under watering as this is the main cause of failure for any of window box ideas. If you have made sure that those essentials and steps have been done, then you can take a breath freely. Do not worry to lose them. And, remove a plant or two later in the summer (this happens if you think your planter has been crowded or they need much watering).

You are the one living with them on a daily basis, so you should understand their condition.

So, are you ready to plant any? Yes!



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