3 How to Mount and What Type of Farmhouse Mirror Suitable for Each Room

Farmhouse mirror is getting popular these years as a decor item. Farmhouse mirror provides a rustic and elegant vibe to your room and you can find them in various sizes, shapes and styles. Historically, a Farmhouse mirror is the one having a frame made of reclaimed wood or metal. Some people create the one like way older than it really is. And you can make your own the way you want it to be. Find some reclaimed materials and you are able to own an antique mirror at home.

This kind of mirror has some characteristics you should understand before creating or purchasing one:

1. Shape And Size

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They come in various shape and size, such as square, circular, rectangular or a custom shape. Whether the small sized mirrors are used as decoration in a hallway, the bigger ones are used as a statement piece. Some of the frame styles create a pattern extends beyond just the traditional frame area (we usually call it as a sunburst mirror). To choose the right shape and size of Farmhouse mirror, think of the purposes of having them; whether to be functional or decoration. As they are not only reflecting your reflection but also the light.

2. How To Choose

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Different area and purpose needs different mirror’s style. Check the following tips: (1) for your entryway, choose the one with 20 to 24 inches. This size is perfect to reflect the light and your appearance before leaving your home. This is the same size as the one on your vanity mirror; (2) for a bedroom or hallway, choose a few smaller mirrors with similar type of frame. These decorative mirrors help your space appearing bigger and an eclectic; (3) for a bedroom. Add a rustic charm into your bedroom by hanging a full length mirror with an old door frame; (4) for a bathroom. Once you decide to put a style to your home, make sure each room has similar portion of it, including the bathroom. Farmhouse barn doors will work perfect with a large Farmhouse mirror.

3. Mounting Options

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After finding out where to hang or place your Farmhouse mirror, now see how to mount them: (1) leaning against the wall, (2) over the door, (3) wall mounting, and (4) freestanding.

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If you give up on doing this DIY project, visit local glass shops to find one meets your preference and budget. Then, if you have had the materials, they accept setting the mirror into your frame safely and securely.



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