4 Important Keys to Do the Enclosed Staircase Wall Decoration to be Visually Pleasing

When it comes to enclosed staircase, we mostly feel insecure. We cannot apply various designs and staircase wall decoration to them. But if we think wiser and deeper, there are always some other ways out. We have to put in mind the keys to good staircase decor are to keep things in the right scale, the right size or the right height in certain area. This aims to avoid being overwhelm the space. By applying those keys, sure you will get them visually pleasing.

So, here are some examples you can copy:

1. One Large Picture As a Vocal Point

Source: Pinterest.com

To drag people’s attention away from your enclosed staircase can be done by hanging one large picture on the wall, particularly if your space is small or dark. It is recommended to hang at least 2 feet tall picture but not more than 3 feet wide. This large picture works best if there are no railings, and hang it in the center of your staircase at eye level while you are standing on the stair. Keep other walls empty.

2. Picture Wall

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This one gives the eyes something to look at. This enclosed staircase wall decoration makes you to hang some pictures randomly with frames with different shapes and sizes along the wall. Though the arrangement is random but make sure every item is about eye level for each stair. You can hang them on both walls.

3. Wallpaper

Source: cityhomesusa.com

Wallpaper is kind of flat decorative item that won’t extend into your small space. Even a small and simple pattern creates a huge impact to the surrounding, but for creating such a wow moment, a large and colorful print is a must. While selecting this decor to complete your enclosed staircase wall decoration, install plenty of light so they won’t drown in the darkness. To be remembered that they should be no more than three colors. By having this option, you can decide whether to give both walls and just one wall.

4. 3D Items

Source: housesdesign.ru

Though we are working with a tight space, 3D items still give an elegant yet lively vibe into your space. Just keep in mind to hang them at eye level while standing on the stair in front of it. If this one meets your personal statement, select whether you want to hang one large focal piece or several random small pieces. Both are gorgeous for enclosed staircase wall decoration.

Source: Pinterest.com

Good luck.



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