4 Storage Solutions: Get to Know the Right Type and Material of Firewood Storage Ideas

The proper firewood storage ideas need a lot of money to spend. But you can save a lot by keeping in mind three things about it, they are: (1) the top part and a foot or two on each side of the storage are covered; (2) elevate them at least a few inches off the ground; (3) Do not completely cover them to let them breath.

Above are general rules to get the proper firewood storage ideas. And there are still some personal factors to be considered, such as the amount of space you have and how much firewood you usually burn. Furthermore, we have some storage solutions that can be applied in any situation and preferences. Check the following types out:

1. Racks

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If you have a smaller space but need to store a lot of wood, this one is totally for you. You can find them in various size options. These firewood racks allow you to stack the wood so you get them all dry evenly to be ready to use. If this type meets your personal preference, you can decide whether you need the longer, taller, or regular one.

2. Box

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This one is usually for outdoor firewood storage ideas to avoid your firewood from getting wet. They come in a very attractive shape so you won’t ruin any aesthetic appeal around your home. Make sure you select one that is large enough to store the amount of wood you usually need.

3. Basket

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This one is the most attractive firewood storage. They come in plain or more decorative ones. Either keeping your firewood covered, this one displays them beautifully so you can easily get them within reach. But, they are able to just hold smaller amount of woods; so you have to fill them on a regular basis.

4. Cart

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Most flexible firewood storage ideas among all. By having this cart at home, you can easily move your firewood from one location to another without carrying one by one. Before purchasing any, make sure the wheels are tough and firmly attached so they won’t get damaged while using the cart.

After finding out the types, now we are giving you some materials of firewood storage ideas available on the market:

  • This is for indoor use only. They are able to carry some logs into your home and store them. The good fabric for this kind of storage is heavy canvas so they won’t easily ripped by the firewood.
  • Wrought iron. You will get the perfect combination of tough and beautiful in this material. They thought and have beautiful details entailed on them.
  • This one last longer as long as you take a good care of it. It is good for both inside and outside storage system.
  • Another material suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They look attractive and last for many seasons.

Plastic. This is commonly used as a cover and protection.



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