4 Tips To Design and Style Comfortable Reading Nook Ideas

2020 is a hard time for almost everyone. As pandemic is spreading all over the world and making almost everyone staying at home during the days? To fight against this virus, we have to make our body in a good health both physically and mentally. And one activity boosting our mood is sitting in a cozy corner of your house, sipping a hot tea and reading your favorite book. So hey, how is your reading nook this far? Is it in a proper condition to support your stay at home activities?

Check the following reading nook ideas to help you finding the perfection in it.

1. Decide The Location

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A reading nook needs a very little space that you can convert any of your unused corner at home to be a comfortable retreat. Whether it is in the bedroom, living room or a hallway, make sure the furniture and decor of your reading nook blends with the entire home decor. This may be an extension but keep it in the same line with the rest of the room. Besides, consider the privacy and amount of the noise.

2. Select A Good Reading Light

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The main purpose of having a reading nook is to read. It is undebatable. So, lighting is the priority towards designing and styling your reading nook. Adequate task lighting is vital, whether you choose a floor lamp or a small reading lamp on a shelf. The reading nook ideas ideally should combine both ambient and task lighting so you get a comfortable reading environment.

3. Get The Most Comfortable Seat

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Your reading nook ideas have to be comfortable, even more comfortable seat in the house. While selecting the seat, at first design matters. But ideally the simple yet super comfortable one is to die for. Something like Kensington Chesterfield is kind of furniture you want to have on your formal reading nook. While the modern and simple nook can work fine with linen chair. After finding the right seat, add an ottoman to rest your feet and a small accent table.

4. Create Your Mini Library

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While talking about displaying your book collection, you may end up confusing and do not really know what to choose; whether creating a mini library, adding some built-in bookcases, etc. Whatever your choice, just to be sure to spread and organize your collection in a make sense way, such stack them vertically and horizontally. Besides some shelves, floating wall shelves and standalone units are a great choice.



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