4 Upper Kitchen Corner Storage Ideas with Non-Remodel Options (Renter-Friendly)

Upper kitchen corner storage is even more difficult than the lower ones. The deeper they are, the more storage space they give, the more potential for clutter. That is one of the reason why most people intend to skip this space. But in a small kitchen, where every inch matters, you have to utilize them wisely.

The following tips and tricks are not changing your kitchen space a whole lot tidier than ever in instant. Nope! They just help you encouraging to do organization within and reasons to keep them neat.

1. Corner Kitchen Cabinets

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Find some corner kitchen cabinets in the size and style you like and fit to your space. The options are like: (1) InterDesign Lazy Susan Cabinet Binz; (2) 3-Tier Counter and Cabinet Corner Shelf Organizer; and (3) Linus Spice Rack. Each product prodvides different look and capability. Before choosing any, think about the items you will probably store in there, and what is the depth and height you need.

2. Some Variation Of Containers

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For a safer choice to store smaller items, this is your suitable choice. It can be corner cabinet plus bin/ basket/ tray. These three removable storages help you easier dealing with the clutter and cleaning issue.

3. Make It Simple

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It is not about the best kitchen corner storage product but how you are purposeful enough of what you keep inside your corner cabinets. You are living in there, so you know your belongings best. If you think a small corner cupboard will be purposeful for your rarely used items, do it; or if you want to keep your kitchen clear from small items, place something to hold those in place. In this step, you need to be more creative to organize your cabinet content.

4. A More Sophisticated Lazy Susan System

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If you have budget and permit to remodel your corner kitchen cabinet, try adding the glass fronts. They help you finding the items you store inside. If you are afraid having a glass front for it shows off the clutter inside your cabinet, try reorganizing things. Move the loveliest silver serving items in the ones with glass fronts. So, you won’t get any more headache toward it.

Overall, kitchen corner storage is just another storage system where you place things in there. As a renter, you better save your budget for other things. Just think of the practical and simple way to store your items in a cheaper way.



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