5 Colorful Outdoor Plants in Pots Ideas to Welcome Summer 2020

Not everyone has larger space to grow plants in an open land. Some of us may find ourselves dealing with containers to grow them. This is not a big deal as long as we find it so much fun and delightful to do and see. Some outdoor plants in pots ideas give satisfaction like growing one in an open land.

Do you want to give a try?

1. Ones In The Shade

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Get a big burst of color in colorful caladium. Grow this tropical beauty in the shade. This beauty thrives in warm weather and slightly wet soil. Keep this in mind so you won’t get any mistake. Caladiums commonly grow about 2 to 3 feet tall or less than 12 inches for the dwarf varieties. You can mix and match them in big planters, pots or window boxes. While purchasing this plant, always look at the tag and find if that type grows in full sun or in shade.

2. Plant Different Colors Of Flowers In One Pot

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Mixing some small plants in one pot gives you a bold look. For example, grow a mixed bag of petchoas and see the eye-popping combination after blooming. They are blooming in all summer. While the colors start to fade, you can clip the plants back so they will get encouragement to blow some new bloom. Pethoas is kind of plant needing at least 6 hours of direct sunlight and regular fertilizer.

3. Create A Shady Garden

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Colorful outdoor plants in pots ideas are not only about colorful flowers. Grow two or three different colors plants, such as torenia, red-leaved coleus and silver gray foliage of artemisia. The three of them are prefer living in the dark and easy to maintain. To attract some hummingbirds to come to your garden, add trumpet-shaped blooms of torenia. This is a beautiful arrangement.

4. Mix Some Different Shapes Of Plants

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By getting the layered look, you like creating a real flower bouquet in your garden. For example, grow an upright coleus, a trailing peach calibrachoa and a carpet of golden creeping Jenny. They need to be trimmed down so they won’t get too large. Later, the three of them are just example, so you can grow your own plant selections.

5. Grow Some Tropical Plants

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While the temperature is rising during summer, the tropical outdoor plants in pots ideas are the best thing you can place by the door, patio or swimming pool. For example, grow a mix of red mandevilla and pink tropical hibiscus.



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