5 Considerations to Select Farmhouse Doors Knobs and Handles Perfectly

What is most noticeable thing on the farmhouse doors? It is the door hardware. Are you the one looking at this as a kind of import? But most of the time, we usually rush and overlook at it. Selecting the right door handles and knobs take extra time and care as every detail of them affects the overall aesthetic of a room. Though they are small in size but bring such a big impact. Have you ever seen a room with a beautiful or unique knob until you cannot get over it? Then why don’t you put ones at home?

To help you making the right decisions, consider the following things deeply:

1. Handles or Knobs?

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There are two door hardware to be considered: handles or knobs. And you should pick one according the function you want them to fulfill, like privacy, passage, dummy or keyed entry. Keep in your mind to keep practicality. If you have children or elderly at home, handles are way easier to use than knobs. On the other hands, if you prefer having a safer option, knobs are way better.

2. What Style?

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Define the style you need to display with your farmhouse doors. Whether you want to make it as a classic farmhouse look or more contemporary? There are plenty of designs you can choose to match the aesthetic of your home. If you prefer something more modern, choose the one with clean lines, on the other hand, the farmhouse doors need more decorative ones.

3. What Period You Need To Copy?

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(If traditional is your choice). This is about taking the exact time to get the exact decor to matches your home design and style. If you are in love with the Georgian era, you can choose something with black iron fittings; Victorian era comes with nickel and chrome finishes; and Edwardian house comes with a lot of brass, nickel chrome or iron.

4. Furnishings And Colors

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The farmhouse doors and their hardware should foolow the general rule, which is to choose the handles in colors to look stand out against the color of your door. And today’s trend is about using a warm metallic, such as copper, bronze, and rose gold. They build such beauty and prestige to the house. And they fit perfectly for any environment, like homes, hotels and office environments.

5. The Environment

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For external farmhouse doors, you have to consider the environment before making any choice or decision. For example, if you are living in a coastal region, choose the one with matte black or satin chrome finish.



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