5 Indoor Succulent Garden Ideas Using Reused Materials Available at Home

Succulents both grow indoor and outdoor always enhance such charm to the surrounding. As they are easy to grow, there are no reason to avoid growing some succulent garden ideas. Succulents have thick roots, juicy leaves and fat stems that make them looking beautiful whether you grow them alone or in a group like a small garden. Besides, some of them have the color and foliage variation that give you endless beauty, like pink, green, blue, white, yellow, purple, and many more.

And, the indoor succulent garden ideas are endless. You can reuse any storage to grow and arrange them to be your lively home decor:

1. Wine Bottle Succulent Planter

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If you have some empty wine bottles, upcycle them to be cute succulent planters. Start this project by cutting your wine bottles from side and fill soil in it. The small succulents are perfect for this idea, then place them on the table next to two or three scented candles.

2. Mini Succulent Garden In A Glass Bowl

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All succulents blend beautifully with each other, and they are not only perfect for your home decor but also for a wedding reception. Find some glass bowls, vases and pots in various size and you get the instant effect. Remember that this storage idea does not have any drainage so make sure they have enough water. Water your succulents sporadically and keep the soil dry.

3. Succulent Bookends

Source: decomg.com

The type of succulent garden ideas suitable for bookworms. Pop up your favorite books between the clear vases filled with succulents. This arrangement can be displayed on a bookshelf or open shelving, whether in the living room, bedroom, or even your mini library. By combining this mini garden with your favorite books, you find yourself more relax while reading next to it.

4. Mason Jar Succulent Garden Ideas

Source: Pinterest.com

No failed projects by this Mason Jar, even for creating a small succulent garden. There are two choices of using Mason Jars, which are by letting them in their transparent look and painting them with two coats of such chalky finish paint. After the first paint dried out, lightly sand them and give a thin coat of wax as finishing.

5. Succulents In a Suitcase

Source: reparasiandroid.com

This one is a rare case tend to unique. If the concept of your house is vintage, then this idea is a perfect way to go. Find one or some vintage suitcase(s) and fill them with soil. Grow your favorite succulents and place them anywhere around your house.



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