5 Inspirations to Transform Your Garden into a Small Garden Bar Shed

Small garden bar shed is getting popular in America recently. This is kind of affordable and creative way to transform your garden. This is a new way to spend the entire weekend having a nice drink instead of mowing the lawn.

So, here we go.

1. The Pub Game Shed

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Build your own pub in the garden. This idea makes you to add the whole pub package. Complement the look with the added larger doors and stools using a dart board. Come and call your friends to have a nice chit chat and game in the afternoon.

2. The Cool Bar Shed

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Minimum size does not mean no entertainment at all. This idea gives you such inspiration of getting maximum enjoyment for minimum size. You can just add some bar stools and a little bar surface to have some refreshing drinks. The color of shed varies according to your liking.

3. The 1950’s Bar Shed

Source: awesomedecors.us

This Small garden bar shed can be started by building the basic looking barn and followed by painting the walls, install the floors and the bar, add the stools and complete the essentials to have a drink and snacks.

4. The Rustic Pub Shed

Source: Pinterest.com

So natural. So magical. By building this kind of Small garden bar shed, you may feel like living in the forest but with comfort of the rural in America. You don’t need paint or cozy stools and accessories. The basic items should come first, and add the lights to hang. This is so America and every taste will remind of it.

5. The Fully-loaded Pub Shed

Source: reparasiandroid.com

You can make them fully furnished, which is by loaded with bar and TV. This Small garden bar shed will make you stay a little longer than other types of bar sheds above, so keep everything comfortable enough for you to stay for hours.

Above are just some ideas you can copy. And it is always a pleasure to customize things, including this one. Go create your own Small garden bar shed with your personal touch, such as hanging some pictures or collections. And if you don’t need a big renovation, just keep as the way it used to be with additional bar and stools. As long as you have your time in there and give you such peace of mind, then you have found what this Small garden bar shed is for. So, think of this purpose before starting any project and you will be doing just fine.



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