5 Key Considerations to Find the Wood Type for Your Favorite Rustic Cabinet

What does a rustic cabinet reflect? The wooden material. These two things cannot be separated. Rustic equals to wooden material. And here comes another issue: which wood should be chosen. There are so many beautiful wooden choices, such as cherry, maple, oak, alder, hickory, birch, walnut, pecan, etc. Each of them has different characteristics.

So, here are some key considerations to help you finding the most suitable rustic cabinet for your home.

1. Cherry Wood Cabinets

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The characteristics of this wood are their red undertones and smooth close-grained appearance with random markings and uniform texture. This type of wood is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, home offices and other rooms at home. As the age is running, you will get them darken and in a lustrous patina. This is the characteristic most people look for. By having cherry rustic cabinet, you will see that pin knots and mineral streaks on it won’t affect the structural integrity as they build a lot more beautiful pattern to your cabinet.

2. Maple Wood Cabinets

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Their popular characteristics are smooth and even fine wood grain. So, you will find them in various designs throughout the home, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. This type of wood allows you to choose one of the finishes, such as glazes, paints or stains. Commonly, the maple wood rustic cabinet is dominated with white to creamy-white and reddish brown tones within the door panel. Their light tan or reddish tinged will enhance their natural beauty.

3. Oak Wood Cabinets

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As you may know that oak has been popular for fine furniture for years. You will get them in various color ranges, which are from white to pink and also reddish tones. Furthermore, streaks of green, yellow and black appears due to mineral deposits that enhances the natural beauty and their value. The characteristics of oak rustic cabinet are prominent straight lines, arches and points. And it is recommended to keep them in lighter finishes so they look more noticeable. The oak rustic cabinet should appear in more intense color and more radical graining.

4. Alder Wood Cabinets

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Their characteristics are light brown and reddish undertones with a straight or even-textured wood grain. The rustic version of this wood gives you a more dramatic grain and contain of open and closed knots of various sizes and colors. And most people love leaving them remain what they naturally look like to get the desired rustic look.

5. Hickory Wood Cabinets

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The color are coming from blonde or white to reddish-brown and dark brown.



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