6 DIY Desks Lamps for All Styles and Budgets

Have you ever imagined creating DIY desks lamp? To be honest, creating this project is kind a moderate to difficult. It needs full motivation and encouragement to start although we have got plenty inspirations on the internet. But somehow, curiosity kills those doubts. The following are DIY desks lamp for all sorts of styles and budgets. So, if you do it wrong, you won’t get yourself heartbroken.

Are you ready to try something new? And please note that before doing any of the following projects, you have to learn a bit about electrical work.

1. Nautical Lamp

Source: Pinterest.com

As there are numerous ideas of DIY lamps, first thing first you need to decide where you need to place them. This is the perfect way to begin this project. After finding out the room, it will be easier to determine other things, like scale, style and function. For example, if you need them to be on a coffee table in the living room, create a recycled bottle lamp. Find any unused large bottle (especially something in the shade of blue) and you add some wire and bulb.

2. Galvanized Lantern Lamp

Source: Pinterest.com

Purchase basic light kits on local market. This kit will help you turning almost anything into a lamp. For example, by turning a galvanized lantern into a vintage and unique lamp. The challenge is to choose the right bulb. Choose the one that does not create too much heat.

3. Trestle Lamp

Source: reveapp.com

This DIY desks lamp needs a wooden geometric base. You can create one by yourself or find a woodworker to create one for you. After the lamp base is ready, everything will be easier. Just install the basic light kit and see what is happening next. Your desk lamp will be ready to use.

4. Vintage Fan Desk Lamp

Source: dekorblog.net

Doing any DIY project is about your own creativity. There is no limitation. If vintage is really your style, why don’t you challenge yourself building something unique using a retro item, such as an old desk fan?

5. Rainbow Floor Lamp

Source: Pinterest.com

You can paint your floor lamp in whatever color you intend. As long as you like the main base of the lamp, the colors can be changed anytime you have spare time. Do you intend to create different color for each season? Of course you can.

6. Designer Lamp

Source: Pinterest.com

This DIY desks lamp is inspired by designer lamps. Creating one will be cost effective. For example, take a pottery barn as the lamp base and choose the bulb in whatever style you want to get.



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