6 Instructions Building DIY Firepit with Swing for the Whole Family to Enjoy

Do you feel it is hard to find an activity satisfying the whole family without any electronic device? At a certain age, kids still get excited with swing sets; but what have to be done while they are growing and those swing sets can entertain them any longer? DIY firepit with swing may be the answer. The following is some instructions how to create DIY firepit with swing for the whole family to enjoy.

1. Find A Safe Spot In Your Backyard

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A safe spot means without overhanging tree branches that accidentally can set a fire. Look around and be careful. This step is the easiest one but needs extra concentration and decision.

2. Create A Hexagon With Six Wooden Posts

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This aims to support the overhead cover of your fire pit. Measure each post with a central rod and dig the holes with a power auger.

3. Position A Wooden Hexagon On Top Of The Post

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After doing so, begin levelling out your DIY firepit This structure acts as a swing bench that surrounds your entire fire pit.

4. Inside The Base Of Each Post, Dump Gravel To Create A Proper Water Drainage

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Afterward, top the gravel with concrete. Let it sit overnight and brace the wood. It aims to keep them still during the drying process. Once they are dry, sand each of the post and add the cross beams to the top. It aims to keep the stability of your DIY firepit.

5. Paint Or Stain The Wood

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Then, build a concrete landscape block in the center to accommodate your fire pit. In this process, you can use adhesive to make your fire pit stay for a long time.

6. After The Fire Pit Is Complete

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hang porch swings from the wooden structure.

Above instructions are hopefully easy to follow so you can enjoy the quality time with your family with or without a fire going, in day or night.

No one could deny the charm of this DIY firepit with swing, so couldn’t your family members. If you have younger kids, try make them understand not to bring a cushion or blanket around this area and explain why. The next summer, after this pandemic is getting over, invite some friends to have a barbeque party with so much fun. Can you imagine singing and laughing around the fire pit at night and enjoy sun bathing sitting on the swing during day? What a wonderful holiday.



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