7 Guide to Develop a Personalized Modern Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas with More Casual and Lively Look

These days, shabby chic decor does not evoke its earlier characteristics any longer, which we know it was coming from 90’s era rustic. Today’s shabby chic bedroom ideas have involved some modern touches into it. The new modern shabby chic bedroom ideas are more casual, comfortable, chic and lively. If those characteristics are the one you really need without leaving behind the shabby touch, keep rolling down and see what you are going to see with some guide for your future reference.

Before making yourself do a personalized shabby chic bedroom project, here are the basic of shabby chic style you have to know:

1. Muted Background Colors

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Think of the foundation first, which is your walls. The bedroom walls should be in a neutral background, such as white and creams. Continue with wood and natural colored flooring, including each detail. The reason to choose this muted background is you will get them easier filled with charming lively finds without looking overbearing. Furthermore, make sure you keep the decor style relaxing to get subtle harmony.

2. Natural Materials

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The more natural the material you use, the better to display the aesthetic of shabby chic bedroom ideas. Select some wood pieces with a rough stain or antique piece with extra depth. Choose linen cushions and throws, and also cotton or woolen rugs for extra comfort.

3. Clutter

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You may feel this sensation, while looking at the shabby chic bedroom ideas on the internet you may first of various small items put on the surface and just like a clutter you want to remove. By having a modern style, we combine between relaxed and cluttered one. You are allowed to put or hang some personal items around, such as artworks, etc; but avoid creating any surface full of stuff. Keep them minimalist and modern.

4. Embrace Haphazardness

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The shabby chic bedroom ideas should appear relaxed, effortless and look like accidentally in harmony by chance. Do this arrangement by place some pieces at angles, such as a rug laid out diagonally under your bed, etc.

Some elements you should take your eyes on are:

5. Furniture

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Metal canopies and bed frames are a must. Complement the look by placing a brightly painted dresser.

6. Bedding

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In this bedding arrangement, you can create less aggressive white or cream bedding with colorful and patterned cushions and quilt; or you keep everything mismatched. Whatever the arrangement you choose, just keep there are as much color as possible.

7. Accessories

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The shabby chic bedroom ideas with modern touch can be set with rugs set an angle away from your bed, a rustic chair in the corner and some artworks hung on the wall.



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