3 Best Teen Boy Room Ideas and Lighting Fixtures to Reduce Eye Strain

A teen boy’s room is more than a place to rest or study. It is a showcase of individual personality. If your boy has been grown up, you need suggesting a bedroom update. The boy room ideas won’t complete without any lighting fixture. It is a collaborative feature that needs to be done. Give your teen boy a creative freedom to decide each element of his bedroom, including the lighting, furniture, and others.

So, here we go:

1. Ceiling Lights

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It can be a tricky part of decorating your teen boy’s bedroom. This permanent fixture should be stylish and adaptable, which means they will be agreeable for the next phase after leaving college and beyond. Some recommended lighting fixtures for boy room ideas are semi-flush lighting, flush lighting and ceiling fans. Find them in a variety of replacement shades that will do well for style transition.

2. Bedside Lighting

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A table lamp to one side of his bed is a must. This lighting fixture helps him to read, write or draw just before bed. Furthermore, a little light in the morning helps him to wake up easier in the morning.

3. Desk Lights

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Teens spend most of their time in the bedroom of their daily life working on assignments, reading, and studying. So, make sure you add a proper lighting to reduce eye strain.

The lighting fixture for boy room ideas is something essential. They support our kid’s activities in an effective way, especially in these days when they study from home: do the virtual meeting and virtual class. Believe it or not, the eye strain often leads to ineffective learning process, headache, etc.

So, as a parent, give the best treat to our kid cannot be any less. Ask your son what kind of theme he wants to have at his bedroom, size of his bedroom, and so on. He needs to be trusted to make a decision toward his own bedroom. While working on this bedroom project, engage him over and over. Until he feels that he has responsibility to hold. And it makes him learn of being responsible to something.

The lighting fixtures for boy room ideas are various in types, size and color. For example, if your son loves Star Wars that much, decide the color palette for the lighting fixture, such as adding a blue light on certain spot. Decide which part should be decorative and which part is better to be functional.



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