3 Step-by-Step DIY Metal Corner Shelves That Cost About $12

Corner shelves are like the magic tool to maximize every inch of our space. But somehow, some Corner shelves sold are expensive. In this article, we will give you a step-by-step DIY tutorial to make metal shelf bracket with a lip of a flat steel bar. This project gives you a functional and cool shelf yet saves your bank account.

Industrial home decor is all about wood and metal. Almost everything have these two materials. This project is relatively easy so a beginner is able to make one. If you don’t have a vise and hammer o bend the metal, you can use a metal brake.

And, before starting this project, we would announce how much it will cost you. This project requires the bracket metal costs about $6 and a can of spray paint costs about $5. Sum them up and you probably will spend $12. We are talking about one metal bracket in here. So, if you intend to create three, just count $12 x 3 = $36. Furthermore, you will need lots of screws in this project. If you have already had ones, keep them. If not, purchase them. So, here we go:

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  1. Supplies: two of 1/8”x1”x36” flat steel bar; six of #8-15×2” lath sharp point screws to be secured to the wall; eight of #8×1” lath sharp point screws to be secured to the boards; and black spray paint (or other color).
  2. Tools: metal brake, drill, hacksaw, metal file, 11/64” or 3/16” metal drill bit, ruler, clamps, square and wrench.

And here are the step-by-step:

1. Bend Your Flat Metal To Create Brackets

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Just remember that one bracket will hold two shelves.

2. Drill Your Screw Holes

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These metal Corner shelves must be secured to the wall and the shelf boards. So, drill 11/64” holes into the metal. There are total of seven drill holes per bracket.

3. Paint Your Bracket

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Paint yours and screw. For rustic vibe, spray paint your metal bracket in black. But the color is optional and can be chosen according to the existing home decor and furniture at your home. For doing this step, place all your brackets and screws onto the paintable surface and use an egg carton to keep the screw in place. Then spray the pieces.

Source: artzbirka.com

DIY metal corner shelves can be hung both indoor and outdoor. As long as you as instructed, you get them secured enough to hold any essential.



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