5 Examples of Open Kitchen Shelving with Professional Looks

Are you not into an open shelving due to the clutter possibly occurred? But somehow, there are some types of kitchen fits for an open kitchen shelving, such as the Scandinavian design. An open kitchen shelving provides a bold, daring and different that complements the soft and exposed brick walls on the Scandinavian design. But, it can be traumatic seeing lots of clutter in the kitchen. With the right shelving design, you can throw away those ill-feelings and add art to your shelving.

The following are professional looks that mayhap help you finding the right style at the kitchen:

1. Industrial Style Lighting

Source: homecreativa.com

In this arrangement, you show off some ornamentations, such as a kitchen clock, industrial style stools and lighting diamonds. You are not only displaying your pots and pans. Furthermore, add a feeling of zen on your open shelving. Add two light wooden panels and shelf holders. Those different ornamentation beautify your kitchen, especially your open shelves. To be noted that the stool legs should mimic the lines on your kitchen.

2. Add Some Upside Down Table On Your Open Shelving

Source: jenloveskev.com

For the ones do not like an ornamental wall, either any clutter, choose this feature. The upside-down table gives you another layer of open kitchen shelving. They avoid any clutter and add an element of surprise. Display some white and transparent plates and cups and everything looks tidy and clean as you always wish.

3. Wood And Chrome Materials

Source: Pinterest.com

Another level of modern kitchen if we can say. In this plan, we find a neutral color and element at the basic level. But some pops of colors are available in herbal teas, spice jars and other bottles. The finishing touch can be a wood faucet. This one is a wonderful creation and adds a warmer vibe though you are living in a studio apartment.

4. Orange Stripes In The Middle

Source: magnolia.com

Getting tired and bored of white color in the entire kitchen? bring a splash color of orange in the middle of your open kitchen shelving. And showcase some artworks in white and yellow. They will attract your eyes in instant.

5. Bring An Open Shelf As A Frame

Source: homeanddecor.com.my

Think outside the box: your open shelving is not the focal point nor the main furniture in the kitchen. Put them on each side of your kitchen wall, paint them with a marble splash back and arrange a set of kitchen knives next to it. You will see a cool combination of marble and chrome.



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