6 DIY Toy Storage Ideas Working Best for Your Skill Level and Child’s Needs

Toy storage can be a gift that will cherish your child or grandchild for years. Toy storage can be added to a playroom or even a living room. Then, this storage system helps him organizing their toys. The following are some ideas to build a toy chest that is suitable for a beginner.

But you, yourself, define which one works best for your skill level and your child’s needs.

1. Simple Modern Storage

Source: ambertysl.com

This plan includes a hinged lid and looks great in any child’s bedroom. The dimensions are according to your existing furniture, space and your kid’s needs.

2. 9 Different Compartments

Source: leafandletterhandmade.blogspot.com

As your children grow older, they need something more than the size, but something to learn how to organize their things. By this idea, you need to purchase or build your own storage chest to hold 9 baskets (or whatever the number you intend to). Make sure that the baskets’ size fit so your kids will be easier to take them out and in. By placing it in their playroom, you teach them to only take what they really want.

3. Toy Storage Console With Rolling Bins

Source: littlehouseoffour.com

This is another idea for elder kids. Put a shelf on top of three divided bins. Place two pull-out crates on the bottom. This plan gives your kids flexibility to move them.

4. Pirate’s Chest Toy Box

Source: Pinterest.com

This toy storage is for any age. This plan should not be built if you have an old chest at home. Go find your treasure and repaint it. For more information, you can replace this chest with something else, such as an old case. They have similar principle. But if you cannot find any, go to the flea and find something similar to this chest box or case.

5. This Plan Combines A Toy Storage With A Bookcase

Source: hepsihaber.net

This is a good solution to get them working well for displaying some books and toys, as well as decorating the room. Place some favorite books or the ones read very often and the favorite toys. You can both purchase and do it by yourself. If you have unused pallet woods, build them into this bookcase and get whatever the size you like.

6. Simple Wooden Storage Box

Source: diy.platinusv.com

Technically, this one is similar to the chest, but with additional handles on the sides. This one also can be made of wooden pallets.

So have you chose the one to build or purchase?



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