6 Floating Shelf Ideas for Media Center in a Modern Minimalist Living Room

The popularity of floating shelf is on the rise. As the modern design provides smaller and sleeker design, so as the furniture. The bulky shaped-furniture are no longer as people’s favorite. Floating shelf ideas come in various styles, shapes and sizes. Select the right floating shelf is not only giving you a chance to bridge all elements inside the room but also beauty and sleek arrangement.

And, if you concern on your media center, careful chosen floating shelf will be a perfect way to go.

1. A Wall Mounted TV Stand

Source: kidmagz.com

A sleek and real deal for modern touch. The design reflects the shape of piano with three shelves. There are some brands producing this kind of floating shelf. And it is becoming popular over the year with its color of black, espresso and white. This best-selling product fits to any size of living room.

2. A Modern Lacquered TC Stand

Source: home.spartandecor.com

This shelf has some metallic accents and a couple of glass inserts. So, you are able to have a peek of what’s inside and also hide your movie or music collection in such aesthetic look. The sleek surface allows you to put some modern decorative items and some books.

3. Customizable Floating Box

Source: Pinterest.com

The Floating shelf ideas also come in a collection of customizable floating box. They have a wide variety of colors (both bright and pastel). As the assembling is your duty, so you can control its shape, size and color scheme. A personal touch is given by having this piece of furniture.

4. A Floating Box With a Sliding Screen

Source: homesns.com

Everyone with limitless budget tend to love spending more time to create something personal and defines their personality. So, this idea is like having a designer’s idea. Add a sliding screen to protect and hide your TV screen when it is not in use. When it is closed, you can maximize the design of your entire room. This idea answers some people’s worry that TV make their entire room design less elegant.

5. Marble-like Floating Shelf Ideas

Source: pickleballplayer.club

This idea needs a feature wall built as a backdrop. The shelf is transparent with a TV unit hidden behind an elegant glossy panel. The color of this glossy panel refers to your choice.

6. A Built-in Feature Wall

Source: dreamhome.com.tr

If you want to make it as a center or the room, or we call it as a focal point, then try applying this idea. Building a media center with a built-in feature wall. Number of the shelves are optional. For example, two shelves on top and bottom. This idea provides a neat and clean looking as a modern living room must be.



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