6 Front Door Planter Ideas for Shady and Full Sun Entrance

Everyone may think that inside of our home needs houseplants to create a space personality. But what about the front door? Does it need it either? Yes, your front door deserves one. Whatever the planter ideas you copy, make sure they have suitable plants. For example, a shady porch is a perfect place for trailing English ivy and a sunny entrance will be suitable for cactus. The right plants blow extra life into your home, even before stepping inside.

6 Front Door Planter Ideas For Shady And Full Sun EntranceSo, if you want to upgrade the look of your front door, see the following planter ideas:

1. English Ivy

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This is a trailing plant that you can grow to frame your front door or porch. You can both hang them or let them trail upwards from a planter or a window box. If you have a shady entrance, this English Ivy is the one you should have and grow.

2. Boxwood Topiary

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Classic planter ideas for front door is by placing a pair of boxwood topiaries. They are decorative plant and you can make them short and bushy or tall and pruned. For a busy homeowner, this gives you a bonus, which is easy maintenance and stand with cold weather. So, you will find them survived during winter.

3. This Plant Requires A Lot Of Sun

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So, you get them perfect for your sunny porch. Petunias are the colors with beautiful blooms that will create a beautiful welcome. Put them on a planter and let them trail down from a hanging planter. Or just put them in a planter around your front door to line your steps.

4. Umbrella Tree

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The plant with Latin name of schefflera amate prefers warmer temperature and bright indirect light. This plant grows toward the light so you need rotating it in a regular basis. Furthermore, it can be pruned in any shape you want. And once the weather gets drop, take it inside.

5. Bird of Paradise

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Other non-flower planter ideas that bring a tropical vibe into your front door. They can grow beautifully in both sun and shade. If your area has sun shining, bring it outside so it blooms beautifully. On the other hand, if you are living in an area getting cold for winter, always check its condition and bring it inside before freezing.

6. Tradescantia Zebrina

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Another trailing plant with low maintenance. Though this plant love being in a shadier planter, but don’t make it too shady since its colorful stripes need enough light to be kept.



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