6 Stainless Steel Wall Shelf Ideas for Bathroom and Kitchen to Keep the Surface Clean and Hygienic

Wall shelf ideas sometimes give you something you never thought before, such as made of stainless steel. Most of us concern Wall shelf ideas towards the wooden materials since they undoubtedly build so much elegant vibe into your room and easy to mix and match to other existing furniture and decor. But the stainless steel shelf is none to be compared of. The appearance that is offered is no obvious adding function and style to any room.

The stainless steel wall shelf has support brackets beneath as the structure. This material’s popularity is in rise and following the wooden ones. For modern homes, stainless steel wall shelf and other features are common. Different type is made for different purpose, like heavy duty floating shelves for a fireplace mantle in living room, a narrow stainless steel floating shelf for a workstation, decorative ones for books and small belongings, etc.

Talking about the best place for stainless steel Wall shelf ideas, it must be in the bathroom and kitchen where we need to keep their surface clean and hygienic. Stainless steel wall shelf resists absorption of odors and stains. They can be installed almost anywhere. In the kitchen, they can be beside the cupboard to store most used utensils, bowls, plates, etc. While on the bathroom, you can install a couple of them above your bathroom sink for your linens and toiletries.

Generally, as the stainless steel comes in various sizes, so you can go for something meets your needs; such as:

1. Stainless steel wall shelf 8” deep for kitchen.

Source: Pinterest.com

2. Stainless steel rack 8” deep for kitchen.

Source: Pinterest.com

3. Stainless steel floating shelf 6” deep for kitchen.

Source: 24.moolton.com

4. Stainless steel floating shelf 12” deep for kitchen and bathroom.

Source: kutskokitchen.com

5. Stainless steel wall shelf 8” deep for kitchen, bathroom and home.

Source: usdecorating.com

6. Stainless steel wall shelf 10” deep for kitchen, bathroom and home.

Source: pinterest.com

We can easily find them in local store or e-commerce. Just before purchasing any of them, make sure you have the precise measurement. Take a note of the size of your room and existing furniture so you get the perfect stainless steel Wall shelf ideas.

Moreover if you have children at home and need to have everything hygienic as they often touch everything, this stainless steel product is to die for. Teach your kids how to keep them clean after having a meal or doing some food preparations and they will mimic your action. Keep everything clean and stay healthy.



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