7 The Examples of Modern Rustic Industrial Application in a City Loft

Modern rustic industrial commonly is used in industrial home style. But somehow, modern people avoid something too bold. That is why combining rustic furniture and modern accent results such interesting contrast. You will see where reclaimed metal meets the warm wood tones.

If you have got the point but confused how to adjust the balance of modern and rustic to achieve a beautiful and different twist, come and see the following examples.

1. Modern Rustic For City Loft

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Living in a city loft is kind of challenging towards defining the right styling. You can start styling your modern loft with solid concrete floor and a huge grey sectional sofa. Place it in a sociable L-shaped arrangement. It allows you to grow conversation while inviting some friends or family.

2. A Rug Area In A Living Room

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Place a rustic rug beneath the sofa. The warm color and comfortable rug material urge you to sit down and enjoy the surrounding. Easy and peaceful.

3. In The Lounge

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Create an interesting centerpiece by adding an eclectic tables and an old planter. A big and old planter, to be exact. If you can find any eclectic table with carvings, you must be lucky. The washed wood provides such authentic vibe, so you don’t need to repaint this one.

4. Metal Bookshelves

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Another piece of furniture in the lounge that needs to be considered. Find a tall one and arrange your books there with some black or grey boxes to store small pieces. The arrangement of your books varies, both horizontally and vertically. Make them face the sectional sofa.

5. An Industrial Dining Suite

Source: thosepatternedwalls.wordpress.com

Another modern rustic industrial feature you cannot avoid. Choose the ones made of a distressed wooden table with a set of matching stools. The size of this dining suite should be fitted to your own room. No need to add too many accessories on the table as the table itself shows of its strong character.

6. A Rustic Kitchen

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A city loft is commonly found in an open concept. So, there is no barrier to each room. For example, in the kitchen, you will get the dining suite as your backdrop. That is the reason you should match the character of these two rooms.

7. A Small Designer Table Lamp

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For a table centerpiece, add one having a strong character. For example, a concrete plater with a small designer table lamp. These two pieces do not have intricate detail and carving but have a strong statement.



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