7 Vintage Wall Décor Recommendations within the Budget

A vintage wall decor is started with a blank wall. This statement should encourage all of us to take a first step designing our kitchen. Since kitchen is a much less decor of all rooms at home. But what to do? Where to start? Try hanging some wall art, a picture or paint to give it an accent color. Some designers recommend some options, like giving practical design (an interesting wall shelving) and quick and dirty solution (aforementioned arts).

And here are some designers’ recommendations staying within the budget:

2. Blank Wall Space

Source: blesserhouse.com

Some guidelines to start your vintage wall decor are:

  • Rustic accents. If you want to create a cozier and unique space, then try this one.
  • No generic art. Before choosing any, try finding the meaning of the piece you want to hang.
  • Live greenery. The ones easy to grow are herbs and cactus. Mount them on the wall or hang the planters.
  • Repurpose materials, such as vintage frames, utensils, etc.
  • Mix and match some materials, such as canvas, metal and wood.

2. Vintage Wall Decor for Kitchen

Source: Pinterest.com

Besides looking for something at your own garage, go to the thrift shops and flea markets to find something vintage and unique. Some accent items can be a good start and remember to not to splurge on expensive items.

3. Metal Wall Decor

Source: mykaleidoscope.ru

Wire basket is a brilliant decorative yet functional material to go for. You can store and display fresh market produce on it.

4. Kitchen Utensil Decor

Source: evimveblog.com

This DIY wall art is unique and personal. Go get a few vintage picture frames and some silverware utensils. To get the vintage look, spray paint them and hang on your kitchen’s wall. You will find it as a conversation starter either.

5. Kitchen Picture Frames

Source: Pinterest.com

Another worth to try DIY project. You may not need much money to do this interesting artwork but creativity. Find some rustic clipboards and hang them on your kitchen wall. The colorful pictures against the vintage wooden frame is a clever way to attract people’s attention.

6. Fruit Wall Decor

Source: decor.mylifehere.xyz

Have you ever imagined displaying your fruit on the wall? Use shadowboxes and take some fake fruits on them. This is just a brilliant twist of getting pops of color against vintage style in the entire kitchen.

7. Rustic Vintage Wall Decor and Signs

Source: domicile37.blogspot.com

Use some recycled materials, such as pallets or reclaimed wood. There are lots of styles you can copy on the internet to look more like professionally designed.



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