8 Playful Garden Crafts Ideas for Kids in No Time

If you see around your garden and need to do some improvements but do not know where to start, go for some garden crafts. Some garden crafts can be done together with your kids. As this is about giving some additional decor to your garden, means you need some unique characters inserted to them. Here the list that will do that, so you and your kids will spend your summer holiday full of creativity flair.

1. Cute Garden Markers

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Look for some stones and paint them into fruit and veggie markers. This is such a simple project but sure your kids will love doing what they have in mind. These markers are gorgeous for any garden.

2. Animal Grass Heads

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This idea may lead to the image of Frozen the movie character: Pabbie. Or you can make other shapes, like caterpillar. This is super easy to make and very cute.

3. Whimsical Beaded Garden Ornaments

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If you need to add some color in your garden, try this DIY project. Embed some sticks with colorful beaded ornaments on the ground and see what will happen when the sunlight hits them. Or, some LED lights are acceptable to liven their appearance at night.

4. Cork Garden Markers

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The next garden crafts fit for kids. There are various creative ways to add to this craft project, such as by adding finger prints to the side, hand writing, simple picture, etc.

5. Twig Star Ornaments

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Hang them in your garden to get a fun looking garden. This craft needs more than one to look fabulous. Decide which spots and how many twig stars you need. As the previous idea, this one is also agreeable for some additional LED lights to create a fairy garden at night.

6. Garden Leaf Mandala

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Collect some leaves, sticks and flowers from your garden and create this draft with your younger ones. It needs a restful afternoon to create ones. Try helping your kids to collect the stuffs and give bright instructions, like what colors they should collect.

7. Flower Garden Decoration

Source: Pinterest.com

Besides collecting the natural resources existed in your garden area, this is the time to your recycled materials. Go get some milk bottle and create a flower! This idea just rocks and full of pride. Your kids even can show this craft to their teachers.

8. Rock Garden Markers

Source: fi.pinterest.com

Go find some nice big rocks and start decorating them to label veggies, fruits and flowers.



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