8 Rustic Bathroom Ideas and Nature’s Inspirations That Should Never be Skipped

A bathroom is another room to be concerned of while renovating a home. We can assume this room is not a priority like others, such as living room, entryway, and the front yard where almost everyone (or guests) put their eyes on. Still, it does not mean that rustic bathroom ideas are useless. There are always some points you can get to see the inspirations and apply one into your own bathroom. Just give it a try and keep scrolling to find a perfect idea for your bathroom.

A rustic bathroom mimics how nature looks like. It can be charming in various ways, as the following rustic bathroom ideas will give you some inspirations:

1. A Barn-style Door

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As being said, no rustic home will complete without having one barn-style door on it. This is a wooden door with a sliding mechanism that makes it space efficient yet practical. In a modern world, this sliding mechanism is copied into something more minimalist and without any rustic sign, like the iron handles and raw wooden door.

2. Stone Tiles

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This is another must have item to create rustic bathroom ideas. Always include this feature every time you do a rustic bathroom remodel.

3. An Actual Stone Wall

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Instead of patterned tiles, rustic bathroom should be applied by this one. As this is not only about decorating a bathroom but also creating a real rustic vibe.

4. Wood Boards On The Wall, Especially In One Side Of Your Bathroom Walls

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This arrangement is perfect for an instant rustic backdrop for your bathroom vanity and mirrors. To avoid moisture and damage, do not use any wood in the shower area.

5. Stone And Wood

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These materials work together in the rustic bathroom ideas. So, do not choose one and avoid another. If you like them both, go get them. Since they make a great pair together. For example, you can add stone for your bathroom walls and wooden furniture as well.

6. Pendant Lights

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These light fixtures highlight the texture and the overall design of your bathroom. The simplicity of your bathroom color is brought beautifully with these pendant lights.

7. Rustic Details

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The rustic bathroom ideas are also lying in the details, such as the shape of your bathroom sink, the chic faucets, raw furniture, etc. Each of these details entails to the big impact of your bathroom and make them the center of attention.

8. The Log Wall

Source: Pinterest.com

If you want to get inspired by the cozy mountain cabin, this log wall should be chosen.



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