Top 7 Rustic Wall Décor and Furniture with Modern Fusion on Trend 2020

Rustic wall decor has those abilities to transform your traditional and old vibe into modern and chic living room. Creating a rustic look is rather easy, you just have to mix and match some textures and materials, such as wood and metal furniture, weathered wood beams, store fireplace, natural linen, wool rugs, and so on. The key is the more layered the better. Make sure you keep the room connected by choosing the right fabrics, paint colors and accessories in a neutral color palette, like greens, grays and browns.

1. Barn-inspired Details


Create a cozy and inviting rustic retreat by placing a stunning antler chair, white slipcovered wingbacks, rustic furniture, creamy white paneling, etc. Create something to give you an airy ambiance in your own living room.

2. Rustic Wood Beams And Reclaimed Barn Wood


Why don’t you add a floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace with a reclaimed wood beam mantel as the accent? You can find this one as a lakeside cabin to spend your holiday. Other furniture you can add are tufted sofas, planked barn wood ceiling, etc.

3. Corrugated Metal


Rustic wall decor is all about rustic, reclaimed and repurposed. For living room, add a panel of salvaged corrugated metal as a backdrop in matte gray-black paint. You can hang some wall decor on there, such as oil paintings, family pictures, etc.

4. Neutral Color Palette


Make it alive by combining the light and dark hues. For example, vintage textile pillows, metal and wood side table, a leather sofa, natural woven shade capped lamp, a rug, etc.

5. Warm Wood Walls


Create your living room remains as natural as possible, such as by adding the reclaimed pine walls and ceilings. A built-in corner shelf made of the same material will complement the look.

6. Modern Rustic Furniture


The key to get this point is keep everything on the straight and narrow. Modern furniture should be kept in full of sophistication, such as no overstuffed upholstery, checked fabric, etc. Complete the look with some warm natural materials.

7. Aged Material


No one denies this characteristic of Rustic wall decor. Aged wooden picture frame can be your first kick. Hang something that will make you recall of sweet memories or events.

Rustic style is not everyone’s cup of tea. By combining them with modern touch, they will easier accept it for their home sweet home. Whether you are living in a city apartment or a rural house, a little modern fusion builds different character that is more acceptable.



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