4 Inexpensive Towel Storage Ideas and Hacks for Small Bathroom

Stuck in a tiny bathroom is not something fearful. Just find out some towel storage ideas and hacks to make your bathroom clutter less. Look for some parts of your bathroom to use and hide stuffs, like in cabinets, doors, etc. The following products and DIY projects will give you the advantage of even the smallest space.

1. Your Bathroom Door

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Go find a towel rack and mount it on the back of your bathroom door, or your shower door. This towel rack gives you more space than the individual hooks. You can do it by yourself or purchase on local store or e-commerce. Besides the back of your door, you can use the space over your door. This space is rarely used so you can a shelf to keep the folded up towels.

2. Your Shower Curtain

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Have you ever thought of this one? The towel storage ideas can use the existing furniture, such as shower curtain. There must be the space in front of your shower, which is by adding a second tension rod so you can hang your towel there. You can purchase one on e-commerce.

3. Hack Your Bathroom Cabinets

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Use an over-cabinet rack to hang your hand towels without extra space. This needs an easy project to do. The first thing to do is by installing a hidden pull-out towel bar inside the cabinet. So, you will have more rooms for hand towels and wash clothes.

4. Your Wall Space

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(1) Towel rack. If you think that your bathroom is small enough, give it a second and look around. Find an empty wall space and install a rack to hold several bath towels without taking up other essentials’ space. (2) IKEA towel rack, which is having multiple arms to hold all the towels within your reach. (3) Towel ladder. In any room, DIY ladder always is a great way to take advantage of vertical space in any room, including your bathroom. Place one above your toilet to store more than just towels. (4) Wooden crates to the wall. Use them as shelves. (5) DIY towel bars, using an old leather belt and dowels. Besides having ability to hang several towels, it looks rustic and unique. (6) A custom rack. If a small rack is not enough to store your collection of towel, then you need to build a custom one to fit your needs. You can use copper pipe and a shelf on top.



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