4 Super Easy and Cute Mailbox Post Ideas to Highlight Your Property

Mailbox post is more than something to drop your letters. It complements the exterior design and style. For a crafting addict, do some mailbox post ideas is challenging yet having so much fun. Though no festive nor celebration is coming around, it will do well for you to do some mailbox post ideas during the weekend.

This DIY project is kind of easy to make and add a more distinct look to your property. You can reuse and recycle your old one to be a classic and timeless look. The following ideas are coming in modern and bright to quirky ones. Almost anything you need to highlight your residence with its aesthetic appeal.

1. A Touch Of Metallic

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Though the traditional mails have been replaced by email and telephone, but a mailbox standing in front of your front yard is hard to replace. Moreover if the holiday is on nearer time, you may find plenty of mails flying around. Make everyone smiling while driving by your home after seeing your unique mailbox with a metallic seen. Create a custom one with a matte brass finish and a statement screen. Add a bit of copper metallic paint and some number stickers, then you are ready for a timeless facelift.

2. Chic And Modern

Source: porch.rickyfk.info

Time to give cheerful vibe to everyone passing your home by painting your old mailbox in white and blue color scheme. This is not only perfect for a coastal home but also a city neighborhood. This beach theme mailbox greets your guests and postman warmer and gleefully. This idea fits to welcome spring with a few flowering plants around.

3. Bright Kid-friendly Mailbox Post Ideas

Source: longleafcollective.org

A mailbox is reaching its new function as an outdoor decoration. By using reusable stencils, a paintbrush and colorful paper, you can transform your old one into something bright and stealing everyone’s attention in a second. Do this DIY project with your little ones during the holiday.

4. Valentine’s Mailbox

Source: accor.chrispommier.com

This one is adoptable, like when the Christmas is new, you can adopt it for Christmas with a few decorative changes in here and there. This one is literally something to be put inside your house. Use a cereal box and cover it by map and love symbol in front of it.

We have to face a new normal life after the quarantine days due to the world’s pandemic these months. And some mailbox post ideas above may inspire you to put a smile on everyone passing your home. A new normal should be passed happily.



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