5 How to Handle and Care a Living Tree as Indoor Christmas Decorations?

An indoor living tree can be your best indoor Christmas decorations. They give you a fresh alternative of indoor Christmas decorations. Besides, by having ones indoor, you get them for years to come. Then once they grow bigger, they can be a great additional to your garden with the stories of previous Christmas.

But remember that one new thing leads to one different issue, in this case, how to take care of it. Though they seem very much easy but find some factors you should consider:

1. Plan Ahead

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Pick a tree that possibly thrives in your area and climate zone. Discuss the type of trees suitable for your environment with the ones expert on this matter. Once you decide picking one and bringing it home, you need to leave it in a sheltered area so it can adjust to a new environment.

2. Do Not Disturb The Roots

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Do not take it out from the container you purchased it in, at least for the first few months. If you think that the container looks ugly, just drop it into a larger glazed ceramic pot for indoor Christmas decorations. Remember that changing the planter can shock your plant’s roots. Be careful.

3. Give It A Break Time

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Naturally, a living tree loves cool temperatures and bright outdoor light. Though you put them inside, place them in a sunny spot to give them a break from any heat vents. Furthermore, at least for a few days, place them outside your doorstep to give them a real fresh air and sunlight.

4. Water Regularly

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This is a must-do thing to all plants and everyone must know about it. Especially for a potted tree indoors, which dries out more quickly than the ones in the garden. Water them regularly to prevent water loss. An easier way to water your tree for a busy one is to empty several trays of ice cubes on top of the soil. Those ice cubes will melt slowly and the roots absorb it before it even puddles.

5. Take Your Plants Outside While They Grow Bigger

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As the first time moving, give your pants time to adjust themselves with the surrounding by placing them under a sheltered location. After a week, you can place them to a sunny spot to live for the rest of the year. Do not skip watering and giving a dose of fertilizer.

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So, have you decided a living plant as your indoor Christmas decorations this year?



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