5 Tips Decorating the Ladder Bathroom Shelves Over Toilet with No Fortune to Spend

Bathroom shelves over toilet is a savior for a small space. Ladder shelves, as one of the most functional and efficient bathroom shelves, marry functional storage with charming design. They can transform your blank wall into a great space to display essentials or bathroom decor without being too overwhelmed. Technically, this idea creates a bathroom look more open and spacious without spending a fortune. You can build your own ladder shelves, repurpose your old ones, or purchase the new ones.

Basically, they come in two types: leaning or stand-alone. The leaning one requires a wall to be attached to; while the stand-alone is generally created from a step-ladder. Furthermore, they are available in various ranging, from super modern to rustic style. And here are the benefits having them as your storage system in the bathroom:

1. Store And Display Toilet Paper

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This is not a new idea to be honest. But simply to toughen the statement. Bathroom essentials are within reach on them.

2. Easiest And most Cost-effective

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How can we update a look without spending a penny? And here you go, using a ladder.

3. Decorative Focal Point

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Besides holding your bathroom essentials, ladder bathroom shelves over toilet can be a charming focal point. Just make it stunning, like spraying with your favorite color paint, staining, or adding one or more greeneries to liven up the surrounding.

Most bathrooms, especially small ones, need decorative and functional furniture. A small space makes every inch matters. Even deciding where to put the essentials need to be careful so your bathroom won’t be too bulky. These ladder bathroom shelves over toilet give you a lighter, bigger and more open feel that you can’t find on other furniture. Besides having toilet paper displayed on them, bookshelves, photos, magazines, and everything are agreeable.

Need more ideas to place your ladder bathroom shelves over toilet? Here we go then.

4. Switch Things While Season’s Changing

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Each season requires different treatments and look. And it builds special vibe into your bathroom. For example, local seasonal flowers will warm up your space. Change them regularly according to local flowers’ blooming time. This is one of the most beautiful part of decorating a home. Get everything personalized and put them inside.

5. Display Some DIY Projects

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If you have a kind of obsession with DIY project, display them on your ladder bathroom shelves over toilet. And see how your mood is increasing in any minute.



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