6 Affordable Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas for Spring

What thing reminds of you Spring? Some people may say it is a tree. It is original feeling while looking around the trees on Spring and you literally fall in love. The natural color and texture leaves us in awe and grateful. And it is easy to adopt those feelings inside our home by some fireplace mantel decorating ideas.

1. An Old Barn Door

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Paint them in white to make it a beautiful back drop. This color ensures everything looks pretty, such as a large sign, a mirror, a picture frame, etc.

2. Give It A Layer

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Find something to create a beautiful layer, such as a small wooden tree you can find on the marketplace. They should not always be expensive. There are commonly two or more sizes, pick the one fits to the size of your fireplace.

3. Add Height

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For example, take birds stacked on wood blocks or small cabinet. To do this arrangement, add height to different pieces in your display, which is by stacking something underneath those pieces. In the above example, we use wood blocks or small cabinet, but other pieces can be dishes, bowls, books, pedestals, and others. Almost everything can be turned out into the base.

4. Add Some Spring Elements

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There are various elements you can put together as a family reunion after those arrangement above are completed. Hang a basket and a wreath on the wall. And see how you will love them so much with lots of natural touches.

5. Yellow Flowers

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Spring fireplace mantel decorating ideas should boost our mood up. Add some yellow flowers on a glass vase. Besides, you can always do some creative things, such as turning mason jars into a vase and fill them with flowers. The options are endless.

6. Burlap Bows

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The final touch must be something adorable yet simple. Put a burlap bows in each edge of your fireplace mantel. They always look great against white, green and yellow. No one can resist the beauty of it.

Above fireplace mantel decorating ideas for Spring should reflect the elements of nature and cheerfulness of the outside. Then bring those charms inside your home. Most experts say the importance of a good arrangement in a fireplace mantel as it is a focal point every home might have. Not to mention some wedding receptions use this spot bolder than others. Almost all affordable pieces can come up together in a beautiful arrangement. So, go get yours!



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