7 Decorative Ceramic Tiles to Add the Ocean Décor Without Major Renovation

A bathroom is a place for relaxation. And bringing the ocean decor into your bath time just makes sense. After describing the general ocean decor themes the last few weeks, this is the time we give you a very specific decorative element to bring the waterfront right into your bathroom: decorative ceramic tiles. Decorative tiles can be used in many ways, such as in all over the walls. Some of them come in water-resistant so you get the both aesthetic and functional aspect.

If you don’t do major renovation, you can add a cool ornament tile to bring a sense of sea life with almost zero effort.

1. Dolphin Bathroom Tiles

Source: Pinterest.com

Dolphins are known representing the wild ocean and the feeling of freedom and intelligent as well. If you think you will love this look, you will love this tile. The color shade is very versatile to work in green-themes or purple-themed bathroom.

2. Red Crab Tiles

Source: homesandgardens.com

Another classic marine animal. This tile represents the happy and fun time to visit the coast. If you love something classic, this one brings your own classic ocean decor inside your bathroom with its washed tones. If you have a traditional or mid-century bathroom theme, then this tile is a perfect addition you must consider. Furthermore, it works well for any color scheme.

3. Sand Dollars

Source: overstock.ca

While visiting a beach and finding the sand dollars, we may think bringing them home. As they are basically empty shells, we are actually allowed. Sand dollars are commonly a decorative element everyone love, though you can’t find them by yourselves, there are souvenirs shops sell them. Afterward, add the sand dollars beautifully-crafted ceramic tiles. The design element will complete your treasure.

4. Seahorses’ Tiles

Source: tr.pinterest.com

This strange-looking fish is another fascinating ocean decor. This seahorse themed tile works perfectly well with washed-out blue. Since this sea creature is like coming from a fairytale with its mystical look, you can pair these tiles with other fairytale or magical color shade.

5. Ocean Colors Tiles

Source: honestlywtf.com

Aquamarine shades with a touch of sandy yellow-brown is a perfect color shade to describe how relaxing these tiles are. They represent the image of clear sky and tropical beaches. And they come into your bathroom to say: relax.

6. Sea Turtle Tiles

Source: fi.pinterest.com

Another ocean decor with a specific sea creature in it. The vivid colors are perfectly great for a light-hearted bathroom.

7. Ocean Waves Tiles

Source: Pinterest.com

If you adore beaches so much, this ocean decor tile must be another level. Don’t you dare taking a bath while staring at the waves?



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