7 Easy and Profitable Wooden Crafts to Sell from Home

Wooden crafts can be a profitable piece. If you have woodworking skills and determine to earn more money, take a look at the following profitable Wooden crafts to build and sell. This project can be done in your spare time and sell the products online to reach wider target market.

1. Wooden Toys

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Wooden toys are kids-friendly and withstand the test of time. Besides, they are less waste so most nurseries and children’s bedrooms are now replacing the plastic counterparts to these toys. That is what this piece of wooden toy will always be sought-after around the world. Start building your products by making puppets, dolls, buses, train sets, and so on.

2. Coat Racks

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Wooden coat racks can be a charming farmhouse feature at home. All you need to build this one are some chunky wooden, wrought iron hangers and nails. There are various shapes and styles that you can explore since they come in a super profitable woodworking project.

3. Fruit Bowls

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Who doesn’t have any fruit bowl at home? Almost no one. This piece almost exists in every household, providing practical and aesthetic feature in any dining room and kitchen. They are kind of wooden crafts that can be built from a solid piece of wood or even fragmented pieces.

4. Picture Frames

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As home decor is growing its popularity, this one always has significant target market. Besides easy to make, this project provides a real unique piece to put or hang at home. Find your personal signature, such as the decoration, color and embellishments to be added into your products. To start your wooden crafts business, this one should be considered as your first one.

5. Plant Boxes

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Another popular home decor to make. Wooden plant boxes are eye-catching to be placed in the patios, terraces, gardens and indoors. The step-by-step is easy to follow yet inexpensive.

6. Wooden Furniture

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Let’s talk about the next level of woodworking project, such as coffee table, console table, and so on. They are undoubtedly profitable and by increasing your woodworking skills, think how much you will earn in the future by building more unique wooden crafts and furniture?

7. Wooden Utensils

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Another simple yet profitable woodworking idea to build, such as wooden knives, spoons, forks, and others. They are generally ornamental pieces to be hung on the wall as wall decor, but some people utilize them as functional features as well. Build your own signature that cannot be found anywhere else besides yours. More exclusive your products are, more profitable they will be.



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