7 Most Workable Closet Shoe Storage Ideas and Solutions You Ever Dream of

Who doesn’t love shoes? Even men do! The shoe obsession turns into a growing shoe collection and completely a mess it is! Ask yourself whether you have done something about closet shoe storage ideas to save your closet and shoes? Here, we dish out some workable storage solutions to keep up what you have bought.

1. Invest a “shoe shrine”

Source: decoratorist.com

Do not let your shoes buried underneath your hanging clothes. The shoe shrine must be the answer. It is a system of thin aluminum shelves to get you more space to store more shoes even in a smaller space. The one that can be adjusted to fit flats, boots or even your mid-height shoes.

2. Add The “shoe ladder”

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Try doing a DIY project using repurposed pallets and PVC pipes to be a shoe ladder. If this one does not fit to your closet, it still works well as a decoration in your bedroom, living room, entry way, and so on.

3. Add A Lazy Susan Type Of System

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This is about using the concept of the revolving tray for a collection of shoes in the corner of your walk-in closet. A clever hack to maximize your useless corners. One kind of must try closet shoe storage ideas.

4. Repurposed Closet Tension Rods

Source: luxmommyblog.com

Look at your doors and corners and see if there are unused spaces. Do another DIY project by purchasing low-cost closet tension rods and install them between the wall niches. And you can use them as a shoe storage. Do not let any unused spaces exist since they can be a hidden storage gems.

5. Shoe Shelves

Source: flutternyc.com

Another budget-saving tip. This is about the right arrangement, which is put each pair back and forth. You will magically gain more room on your shelves. How much you will pay for this trick? Zero dollars!

6. Show Drawers Underneath The Stair Treads

Source: closetphile.com

This technique is frequently used in a new-build tiny home or apartment. If you have any, add one. Make sure every unused inch of space matters. Besides maximizing the unused spaces, the stairs are close to the door so it is such a logical thing to do.

7. A Slim Shoe Rack

Source: www.pinterest.fr

A hallway is one of the busiest spot at home. Shoe clutter happens in here very often. It is better to place one slim shoe rack to hide those shoe collections but keep them within the reach.

Have you found which of the closet shoe storage ideas fit for your standard?



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