8 The Basic Rules to Choose the Perfect Cool Lamp Shades

Cool lamp shades can instantly change the style of your existing decor. There are different styles, fabrics and colors for different themes. Check the following rules.

1. Do Not Repeat Purchasing The Same Things

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You should not purchase exactly the same new shade as the one you are replacing. As there are various shapes and styles to keep your eyes on.

2. Start Everything At The Top

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What Cool lamp shades you intend to add: classy, simple, traditional, contemporary, flair, elegance, and so on. Decide what you want to get, and browse for the suitable one.

3. What’s In A Shade’s Shape?

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Ideally, the shade’s shape should follow a lamp’s contour. And the rules are: (1) If the base has curves, go for a curved shade shape; (2) If the base is straight, go for a shade with straight edges; (3) If the base is bottom-heavy one, go for cone-shaped shapes; (4) If the base is square, go for square lamp shades; (5) If the base is round, go for round shade; (6) If the base incorporates round and square elements, go for modified square shade.

4. Look At The Details

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Since every shape has its own vibe, such as: (1) Fluted shades are elegant, refined, and traditional; (2) Pleats are more casual; (3) Scalloped edges are more relaxed and gracious; and (4) A beel shade is like chameleon look: highly adaptable.

5. See The Color

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White has been dominating the Cool lamp shades since long ago as they are most functional to illuminate the entire room. But color always has a significant role either: (1) Black is to add drama and sophisticated statement; (2) Clip-on shades on chandelier to enhance the look of certain room; (3) Colorful ceiling light fixtures to upgrade the beauty of a room.

6. According To The Design Statement

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, a shade’s fabric can blend with your room decor, as long as you keep up the basic rule: (1) Silk shades are best for intimate bedroom or formal rooms; (2) Linen is well-suited for family rooms; (3) Hand-painted or hand-sewn shades work best to add softness and intimacy to a room.

7. As Fabric Does

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accent brings different atmosphere towards each room; (1) Crystal beaded accents add sparkle and brightness to certain room; (2) Fabric trim add warm vibe; (3) Leather brings luxurious and sophisticated vibe; etc.

8. Proportion

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Cool lamp shades should be 2 to 3 inches shorter than base. The proper and ideal height of a shade is a half inch of the lamp neck.



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