8 Tips to Add Small Touches of French Country Kitchen Décor without Redoing the Entire Home

French country decor, called as farmhouse French, is about rusty, casual and French. Some of us may have seen loads of French country kitchen decor pictures on the internet, but still don’t get any idea where to start without redoing the entire house nor breaking the bank. This article will show some simple ways to add French country kitchen decor in your kitchen by adding small touches here and there.

1. Add Some Rustic Elements

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Go for wood bowls, trays or totes. Create a contrast by adding some apples on a wood bowl. The natural color contrast truly defines the French country style.

2. Buy Or Make Some Items With French Graphics

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You can buy this one or make your own. For example, purchase a burlap memo board with French graphics and make your own with similar style. This idea avoids you to spend more money on similar items.

3. Add Some Silver

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The touch of silver gets the instant French country kitchen decor. For example, silver trophies, French drying rack decor steals, silver tray and pitcher, etc.

4. Add Textured Fabric

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For example, linen, burlap, grain sacks or drop cloth fabric. Do some DIY projects using those fabrics, such as linen slipcover, etc.

5. Add Ironstone

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6. Add Some Vintage Big Baskets

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You can place in the pantry to store things. Moreover, extra-large basket is able to do double duty, as a table and storage.

7. Purchase Something With Peeling or Chippy Paint

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For example, French enamelware pitcher, etc.

8. Add Some French Furniture

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You don’t need to replace the entire furniture by this style. One piece per room is even enough to create the Frenchiness vibe. As we must recognize that most French pieces are more expensive than others. If you face the budget issue, find your treasure at an auction, estate sale, thrift store, consignment store or yard sale. They often offer items in a reasonable price. For example, French chair, large baskets, etc.

Redo the French country kitchen decor to our home is not scary at all. Since add a small touch still works. It is not about the quantity but the quality you put in there. Furthermore, if you have no time nor budget going around the flea markets to search for something antique, do this project slower. It is okay since you get no deadline on it. Just enjoy the process and you will see how this project will end.

Have fun decorating!



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