4 Considerations Before Going to RV Campervan Rental USA

RV campervan rental USA is a popular way to enjoy the country’s beauty. Recreational Vehicles (RVs) are the most suitable way to explore the outdoors, such as National Parks, etc. But, to rent an RV needs some considerations to minimize every risk possible.

Here are some considerations before going too far:

1. The Cost of RV Campervan Rental USA

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Everyone knows that RV campervan is not cheap. In summer, the standard size of campervan costs $150 per night. This price is even lower in Spring and Fall. Rent an RV is different from renting a car. It has limited mileage, such as 50 to 100 miles per rental day. These additional miles will be added to your rental cost, without you realize it. Furthermore, the RV campervan rental USA does not include the amenities, such as linens, kitchen ware, and sleeping bags. You better bring them from home to avoid extra cost. The prices vary according to each rental company, but generally it costs $150 for kitchen supplies, and $50 per person for linens. And if you are planning to go to the National Parks or anywhere need a generator, the rental company offers you the generator rental for $3 per hour.

2. The Camping Costs

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If you are going to have overnight stays in the RV parks or campgrounds, then you will need additional expenses. The expenses vary depend on the location, facilities, etc. For example, the tourist area usually costs $75 – $100 per night. On the contrary, the rustic area may cost you $25 per night.

3. The Fuel Costs

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The cost of gasoline in USA is cheaper than other countries but the RV needs higher MPG (miles per gallon). Meanwhile the most standard motorhome needs about 8-10 MPG. And no matter what is the brand or type of RV nor how the rental company tells you, you will need more than 10 MPG. Generally, the fuel costs (it usually depends on which state you are in) $4 per gallon.

4. Livability

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RV campervans offer comfort for your travelling members. But sometimes, some of the members need a moment alone, away from the others. You may have this alone moment while you are travelling in summer, but consider if the rain is coming. All members have to gather together inside the campervan, so there is less privacy. Not to mention other issues, such as the sounds and smells. All members have to discuss about it.



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