4 Rules of Smart-Casual Fashion 2020 Men

Smart-casual fashion 2020 men is rather difficult to maintain. But if you follow the rules, you may find it easy and perfectly fits for your style. Smart-casual style is perfectly worn for working, especially for those who are working in the multimedia companies. This style gives you the look of energetic and youth spirit, combined with profesionalism.

To make it short, here are the rules you should not forget:

1. The Rule of 1-2-3

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It means involving one, two or three casual items to wear. Once you more swapping out, the more casual you will look. One is for the top; two is for bottom; and three is for the footwear. You can start wearing a pair of trousers with the more casual look. One the contrary, if you need to wear jeans, then you should wear the smart shirt.

2. The Rule of Darker Color

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The darker color will appear smarter; while the lighetr color seems more casual. For example, the tuxedo or dinner suit. They must be worn for formal occasion and are usually appeared in dark color, often black. Another example if the darked trousers will look smarter than the khaki ones.

3. The Rule of Polo Shirt

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This is a perfect look for smart-casual fashion 2020 men. You just need to keep the hues neutral, such as grey, white and black. Polo shirt offers the timeless smart-casual, but you need to pay more attention to the bottom and footwear. A pair of dark formal loafers and a black suit trouser will give you smart-casual look instantly. While trying to mix and match the composition, do consideration on the rule number one.

4. The Hawaiian Shirt

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This is truly the trend of fashion 2020 men. Different to the old hawaiian shirt with its dominant floral pattern, this modern one looks more elegant with different hues, which are the monochromatic hues. The fitted design around the arms also gives you extra confident, combined with a pair of loafers and cropped trousers.

The fashion 2020 men is perfect for summer. In the Summer, the vacation vibes are on the air, especially if you are attending the after-hours meeting. You need more casual look than ever but still look smart and profesional at the same time. The hues should be kept neutral, but the most popular and easiest hues are black and white. The specific example for smart casual fashion can be blue striped button-down shirts with a pair of white fit chino shorts.



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