5 Recommended Home Architecture App 2020

Home architecture app is created to help people designing their future home or redesigning the old ones. Home architecture app is best app to visualize your intended design, both inside and out; as well as predict how many modifications that you need. Furthermore, after designing your plan, it is able to be exported into the formats of architect, contractors and the construction workers.

As there are various apps, we have some recommended apps to choose:

1. Virtual Architect: Ultimate Home Design

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Above all, this app is one complete package and easy to master. The picture or designs are pretty realistic, so each component (such as the windows, doors, stairs, etc.) can be seen clearly. To purchase this app, you just need $13 but if you need to pay up to $100 for the full-bodied program.

2. Home Designer Suite

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It suits you best once using Mac. As we all know that using Mac cannot access all popular yet useful programs. But this is the one you need. This program is compatible with Trimble 3D Warehouse and SketchUp. Besides, it gives you an ease to export your plans into the multiple formats for professional workers. This app allows you doing variations and customization since it has library, containing more than 6,500 objects. This app values $99.99.

3. TurboFloor Plan Home & Landscape Deluxe 2020

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This app is an ideal and realistic for non-architect people who needs to design their properties. The purpose is clear: helping the beginners to build property with their own ideas. The app is super easy to use and there are no additional yet complicated features that the beginners may not use.

4. This Home Architecture App Costs $20 and Supports Some Tools Definitely Useful For Small Projects

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As we said, this app is just reliable for small projects due to it does not support other beneficial features, such as the cost estimator, too small library and only one sample plan of home, and has weak plumbing and electrical planning tools.

5. Total 3D Landspace

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We do not recommend this app for beginners or people who do not have any skill, knowledge, nor experience toward the architecture world. This is a complete app with 1.000 sample plans. This premium app costs $29.99. The app’s weakness is lack of the framing editors besides difficult to master. You may need this app once you do not have any idea of what design to arrange.

Every home architecture app is built to help people creating their dream home, as long as you choose the right and suitable app according to your needs and ability. Have fun!



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