5 Recommended Mid-Century Modern Home Architecture Books

Those who are interested in mid-century modern architecture must have favorite home architecture books at home. Because they will never get enough points over the internet. The home architecture books always supply numerous details that the internet doesn’t. Whether you intend to apply them on your property or just to learn about.

So, here are some some recommended mid-century modern home architecture books:

1. Mid-century Houses Today

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Written by Michael Biondo, Lorenzo Ottaviani, Jeffrey Mat, and Christina A. Ross. Completed with the introduction by John Morris Dixon. This book is zooming in the mid-century houses in New Canaan, Connecticut. This book says that a house is a story teller itself. As we all know, every country has historical stories to tell. Yet about the houses. Once they were built in the war era and now they are restored and redesigned to meet modern aspects. So, it is explained how the architect should do to build or restore the old houses without erasing all the stories behind.

2. Modernism Rediscovered

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Written by Julius Shulman and Hunter Drohojowska-Philp. They were written in 3 series, all of them are having more than 400 of architectural works by the well-known photographer Julius Shulman. This book contains of various pictures that have never been published before with uncommon yet creative designs. This is what you need to improve your ideas!

3. Overdrive: LA Constructs the Future 1940-1990

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Edited by Win De Wit and Christopher James Alexander. This book contains of various images of Lost Angeles, including the architecture, art, urban design and culture. By opening this book, you will not only the beautiful and interesting drawings, graphics and images but also the cultures.

4. Mid-century Marvels (Commercial Architecture of Phoenix 1945-1975)

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This is a local book that is worth to read. In contains of 80 buildings in Phoenix and the history behind them. This book is published by The City of Phoenix’s Historic Preservation Office. The main purpose by publishing this book is to increase people’s awareness towards the rich mid-century buildings, especially in the city of Phoenix.

5. Casa Modernista

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Written by Alan Hess. This book contains of the history of modern houses in Brazil. This offers you well-organized images and descriptions of the evolution of the South American architecture. Once you open it, you would find yourself overwhelmed and influenced by the beauty of modern houses in Brazil. It may conduct some fresh ideas to design your own home.

Those five books reveal the characteristic of mid-century modern home architecture books in different style and culture.



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