5 Tips to Get the Best Deal RV Campervan Hire in Australia

Hitting the road for vacation is not something new. Someone may even say that at least you need to try the RV Campervan adventure once in a lifetime. The problem is purchasing the RV Campervan is worth a house! Not all people are willing to spend that thousands of dollars in it. So, the RV Campervan hire is named as a solution. You have to do some research to gate the best deal.

Here are these following tricks:

1. No For Christmas Peak Season, Which Means 24th December to 7th January

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This peak season always costs the highest of a year. It applies in almost countries around the world, especially Australia.

2. No for Public Holidays and Easter

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Easter is following Christmas as the most expensive period of a year. Easter is usually followed by long weekend (Friday to Monday are counted as Public Holiday). So, you won’t get any cheap pricings here.

3. No For University Breaks and School Holidays

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Before continuing your idea of getting cheaper RV Campervan hire, you should check the University semester breaks and school holiday periods. Due to these periods, most prices are increasing as well.

4. No For Festival Time

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In Australia, there are lots of festivals that attract the RV Campervan drivers. But if you need cheaper price rather than this festival hype, you need to avoid this period. One of the most popular festivals related to RV Campervan is ‘Spelndour in the Grass’, which gathers more than 30,000 music-goers in July every year. Usually, they are coming from Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

5. No For 4WD Hire Season

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In the dry season (May-October), the hire cost may be super expensive. Yet, you should be active on the shoulder of the dry season to get much cheaper hire price.

In Australia, there are various RV Campervan rentals. To get the best deal, you should compare each other, including the types of Campervans they have, the facilities, the down payment, the insurance, and so on. If you could not go and check to the offline store one by one, go online. They have been aware of promoting their stores online so people are easier to reach them.

There are some Australian leasing brands of RV Campervan that you should know:

  • Autosleepers.
  • Apollo Campers.
  • Britz Campers.
  • Awesome Campers.
  • Camperman.
  • Calypso Campervans.
  • Ceuisin’ Motorhomes.
  • Cheapa Campa.
  • Kangaroo Campers.
  • Go Cheap Motorhomes.
  • Jucy Rentals.
  • Hippie Campers.
  • Lucky Rentals.
  • Let’s Go Motorhomes.
  • Mighty Campers.
  • Maui Motorhomes.
  • Tassie Motor Shacks.
  • Spaceships Rentals.
  • Travellers Autobarn.



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